Sunday, April 25, 2004

The election heated up early so a lot of my entries between now and November will probably be election-oriented.

Why does the Left hate Bush? This is discussed on FrontPage Magazine

There are some points that should be addressed.

1) The Left didn't start hating Bush until the run-up to the Iraq war.
This is not ancient history. Have people already forgotten the 2000 election? Celebrities were saying that they would move to France rather than live in a country with Bush as President. Starting before the inauguration I started seeing "Fear Bush" posters stuck to flat surfaces. I never saw anything like either of these under Clinton who the Right hated or under Reagan who the Left disposed.

Much of this was toned down after Sept. 11 and it did not really re-surface until January, 2003.

2) Bush's religion has nothing to do with it.
This should be so ridiculous that it does not merit comment, however it is repeated a couple of times. Bush is a devout Christian (capitol "C"). This makes small "c" christians nervous to say nothing of atheists,Jews, Moslems, etc. The Left is largely agnostic. Look at Howard Dean who confused the New and Old testaments and whose wife and children are Jewish.

Personally, religious people make me nervous, also but I judge them on what they do about it. Faith-based charities do not bother me and Bush has done little else that seems to have originated with his religion.

3) The House of Saud.
I see this mentioned a lot - Bush attacked Saddam Hussein while the House of Saud is worse. Saddam attacked neighbors twice, attempted genocide against two minorities in Iraq (Kurds and Marsh Arabs), used chemical weapons, and offered cash to the family of suicide bombers. Has the House of Saud done any of this? Should we have invaded them instead?

A related note - if the invasion of Iraq is supposed to inspire rage from the Arab Street then what would the invasion of the Moslem holy lands do? Remember, the presence of US military bases in Saudi Arabia was enough to inspire Osama Bin laden to declare jihad.

None of these reasons really stand up unless you assume ulterior motives for everything Bush does. I will discuss this in a future entry as well and the results of Bush hatred. The bottom line though is that the Bush haters hate him personally, not his policies nor his actions.

For other thoughts on this, see here

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