Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Still Contesting the 2004 Election

The loony left is still insisting that Bush cheated in order to win the 2004 election and that Republicans will do it again in 2006. Examples posted in the last few days include the Democratic Underground, the Columbus Free Press, and a web site in Havana. Even John Kerry is still talking about it:
Five months after the US elections, the ghost of fraud comes back to haunt the US, following accusations by senator and Democrat Party candidate John Kerry at a meeting of the Massachusetts League Of Women Voters on Monday.

Kerry assured the audience that many US citizens were denied their rights and access to the ballot box by means of deceit and intimidation.

Red State has a very different take on the numbers.

One frequent cncern is that Kerry ran behind a Supreme Court candidiate:
Maybe Ms. Connally is such a force, although the election results cast that supposition into serious doubt. Her opponent, Thomas J. Moyer, won by 6.4% statewide. In fact, in 4 counties Moyer tallied more raw votes than George W. Bush did. Part of the reason for this is that, for the Supreme Court in Ohio, the ballots do not show party affiliation, and the candidates are not listed on the same line as the rest of a party's slate of candidates. The elections are supposedly non-partisan.
Concerning Diebold"
Unfortunately for this angle, the newer Diebold machines were not used in Ohio for the 2004 election. The vast majority of counties used punch cards, with 13 using optical scan and just 7 using some sort of touchscreen-- including Franklin, which was the county where George W. Bush did the worst compared to 2000, and happens to be the second biggest county in Ohio.
This rehash of the election is really pitiful. The best take I have heard to date came on last night's The Daily Show. The guest pointed out that Kerry was a really bad candidate and only came close to tying due to the support of George Soros and the Shadow Party.

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