Monday, February 13, 2006

Why Do They Hate Us?

I was glancing through Carvelle and Begala's book Take It Back. I only had time to glance over it but the two sections I looked at dovetail in an interesting manner with current events. The first part I glanced at was an attack on Bernard Goldberg's book Bias. They dismiss him as a crank because he does not provide any figures or graphs, just personal anecdotes.

I flipped further (forward) and looked at the section on terrorism. They quote President Bush's post 9/11 speech saying that they (the terrorists) hate us for our freedoms. No, say Carvelle and Begala. They don't care about our freedoms. The reason they hate us is that they don't like their governments. This has been a recurring theme among the Left for the last four and a half years but I have yet to see any proof for it. Where are the figures and graphs that they expect Goldberg to provide?

Granting that the US recognizes the middle-Eastern governments and provides support in the form of trade agreements and, in the case of poorer countries like Egypt, direct aid. We also make military sales to some of these countries. I will even go so far as to grant that we gave direct support to some of these countries during the cold war. The problem is that Russia and the defunct USSR did the same. So where are the anti-Russian protests?

To examine this further, we have a group of ex-patriot Muslims living in Germany. Are we to believe that they were so full of hate that they would kill themselves along with the passengers of four planes to protest their governments but that they would not strike at those governments?

Bin Laden makes statements about the corrupt Saudi government but he strikes at the West. You can speculate about the Saudis buying him off but if he really hated them then he would find other funding and strike at them.

Then there are the protests. The people in totalitarian countries such as Iran and Syria may be afraid to protest their governments but that shouldn't stop Muslims living in Britain. So where are the protests over conditions back home? There aren't any. Instead they protest Danish cartoons and the US overthrowing a repressive Arab government.

What says it all was an anti-American protest over the cartoons. One of the protestors explained that they were protesting the US because we lead the West so we are responsible for anything that happens in it.

And that is why they hate us.

They don't like free speech. They have issued fatwahs against democracy. Their conception of government is totally at odds with ours. Carvelle and Begala don't get this at all. Heaven help us if anyone listening to these bozos is in charge of protecting our nation.

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