Friday, June 23, 2006

A phoney study on warming

The National Research Council announced that Global Warming is real and vindicated the "hockey stick" graph showing that we are living in times of unprecedented warming.

Except it didn't. In a stunning bit of intellectual fraud, they only validated the most recent 400 years of the hockey stick. Earlier than that and experts disagree.

The thing is that everyone agrees that it was cooler 400 years ago. Before the hockey stick, this period was known as the Little Ice Age and ended around 150 years ago - the same time that the hockey stick shows the climate as rapidly warming.

The panel looked at a 2000 year period but the first 1600 years were glossed over. This is important because traditional climatology holds that there was a warming period from 800-1300 AD.

The panel was supposed to tell us which theory to believe - the hockey stick with its constant climate prior to the mid-19th century or the traditional view with natural ups and downs.

As it is, they might as well have announced that studies showing increasing warming during the period from January-June in the Northern Hemisphere prove Global Warming.

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