Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Enemy at Home and Abroad

I'm actually writing about who the American Left sees as its enemies. It's a fairly short list. At the top is George Bush (or a composite of Bush, Rove, Cheney, etc.). He is followed closely by Joe Lieberman, the nation of Israel, and finally al Qaeda. Here's my reasoning.

First, Lieberman has gotten a lot of ink recently. Currently rage against him is white hot. The Left has called on Democratic leaders in Congress to strip Lieberman of all committee assignments. They would like to see him resign, right now. They would really like to see him stood up in front of the Senate and have his buttons cut off and his sword broken (as in a 19th century dishonorable discharge).

They keep presenting their rage at Lieberman as being anti-war but it isn't. It's anti-Bush. Just look at the campaign. Lamont's biggest boost was a shot of Bush bending forward to have a quiet word with Lieberman. It has been presented as Bush kissing Lieberman on the cheek, "The Smooch". I've seen Lieberman refereed to as Bush's "handmaiden". It was not Lieberman's support for the war that lost him the primary, it was his support for "Bush's war."

So, while they are showering Lieberman with invectives, the person they really hate is Bush.

Note - the primary results should not be taken as meaning anything. The election was a referendum on Bush conducted by the anti-Bush wing of a blue state. No one really cared where Lieberman stood on any other issues. They just wanted to punish a Democrat for being too friendly with Bush.

That takes care of the first two items on the list. Next comes Israel. The Left has been quietly blaming Israel for 9/11 since 9/12/2001. When they talk about root causes, they mean US support for Israel. Currently Israel is in a fight with a terrorist group shooting missiles across the Lebanese boarder. The terrorists, Hezbollah, hide themselves and their munitions among the civilian population ensuring that any attempts by Israel to fight back will cause civilian casualties. So who is condemned? Israel, of course.

This morning it was reveled that al Qaeda was plotting to blow up several airplanes, killing hundreds or thousands of people. The response from the Left is illuminating. I'm using the Huffington Post as a proxy for the Left in general. Other sites tend to be even more extreme.

Peter Laarman thinks that the plot was a response to the Israel/Hezbollah conflict.
How must it have enraged the Sunnis who lead al Qaeda to see Hezbollah, a Shia-led movement, become the darling of the Arab "street," even drawing many Sunnis into its orbit of fans? Now we have al Qaeda's answer to such humiliation. Hezbollah might be able to thwart the IDF's drones and even tanks, but it's not yet ready to put the world on Red Alert. Al Qaeda can and just did.

In his zeal to place blame, Laarman ignores that the al Qaeda plot must have started long before the current conflict with Hezbollah. He also tries to blame Dick Cheney through use of a straw man argument.

Donnie Fowler blames Bush for taking his eye off the ball.
Truth is, Bush has not fought back at the real enemy. He picked a fight with Iraq that he said was going to be easy. He picked a fight that Cheney said would end with flowers and cheers by those the USA liberated. But they didn't pick a fight with those who really committed the crime.
Somehow he forgot the invasion of Afghanistan and all of those terrorist surveillance programs that the Left has been complaining about.

This one by Sheldon Drobny takes the prize.

Does anybody out there see the relationship between these two news items? Sure you do. About 4 weeks ago the Justice Department uncovered a terrorist cell in Florida that was planning to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago. It turns out that these "terrorists" were a few black kids falling for am undercover entrapment so they could support their drug habit.

Today's announcement from our ally, the UK, suggests that 21 people were arrested for planning a massive bombing of flights from the UK to the United States.
That's comforting - there aren't any real terrorist plots against us, just ones that the government tricks confused black kids into falling for. We were never in any real danger. That London bombing on 7/7/2005 never happened. There are no British Muslims willing to kill themselves and everyone around them. Bush just made it up to distract us from Lieberman's defeat.

Russell Shaw says the same thing.

Earlier today U.K. authorities announced they had arrested 24 suspects in a massive plot to blow up 10 airliners.

And of course, President Bush and Department of Homeland Insecurity chief Michael Chertoff used the occasion to tell us that we are all still vulnerable to terror attacks from Al-Qaeda.

This news comes less than a day after an interview in which Veep Cheney said that Joe Lieberman's defeat in Connecticut is likely to give comfort to the same Al-Qaeda by showing we- or at least the Democratic portion of "we," are soft on terrorism.

[...] Not saying the plot can't be real, but if you remember the history of how these things unfold, it often turns out a few days after these arrests, that all these clowns did was conspire on Internet chat rooms and via instant messenger.

Do you see the pattern? Despite terrorist attacks around the world for years with one big one here, they don't believe the threat. They hate Bush so much that they believe that all evil flows from him.

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