Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Scared Fearless

Whatever you want to call the war with fanatical Islam, it has the Democrats running scared. Of course, they aren't afraid of the side that's trying to kill us, they are afraid of our own side.

They have reason to be. Before the dust had settled on the WTC site, the left has been trying to argue that a) it was all Bush's fault, b) we should treat it as a regular crime and try to extradite the people involved, and c) we should pretend that nothing happened.

The newest attempt at c) is Arriana Huffington's new book On Becoming Fearless. Her thesis is that President Bush is manipulating us through fear. Huffington also opened a new section of her web site devoted to becoming fearless (and promoting her book).

Unfortunately, the world keeps intruding into their little fantasyland. In July, authorities in Florida and Canada announced that they had broken up terrorist rings. These were dismissed by the left as confused but harmless teenagers.

Last month the British authorities announced that they had broken up a plot to blow up airplanes. This was originally dismissed by the left as nothing but Bush propaganda. When it was pointed out that the report came from the British, not the Bush administration, they regrouped and started insisting that it is too difficult to make explosives. Regardless of how impossible the Left thinks it would have been, most of the people arrested left martyrdom videos proving that they thought that they were going to die along with everyone around them.

Next came the attempted German train bombings. This got a lot less press, either because it did not affect airport lines or because there was no question of the terrorists having (almost) working bombs.

Now the Danish announced that they arrested a group of terrorists. This group had explosives and the Danes felt that it was too risky to continue to watch them. So, what will the Left say about that? It's hard to say. I've been watching Huffington and have yet to see it mentioned on either the news of blog tabs. My guess is that they will either ignore it completely or downplay it.

Regardless, there are people who want to kill us and their definition of "us" is pretty broad. The Germans thought that they were immune because they supported Saddam. They were wrong. The Danes have been fairly sympathetic to Muslims, even promising restrictions on the press after the Mohamed cartoons but that wasn't enough, either.

The left and some on the right have argued that all we need to do is "re-deploy" out of the Middle East and end support for Israel and all will be forgiven. Europe is learning that this is not enough.

What Huffington calls fearlessness is much like walking across a street with your eyes closed and your ears covered and insisting that warnings about oncoming cars are fearmongering.

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