Friday, June 20, 2008

Climate Change and the Price of Gas

If you think that $4/gallon for gas is expensive just think about this - with all of the reported pain of $4/gallon, miles driven have only dropped by 2%. In order to reach the stated goals of 70%-90% (depending on who you ask) by 2050, gas will need to be a lot more expensive. $5/gallon will not do it. I doubt that $10/gallon will either. $20/gallon indexed for inflation would probably do the trick.

Electricity and natural gas need to have corresponding rises for the same reason. It needs to be painful enough that every time you turn on a light or get in the car you have to stop and decide if you can afford this? Do you really need the thermostat set for 65 degrees? Maybe all you can afford is 45, less if it is really cold outside.

That is what cap-and-trade is really about. The cap is the total allowable emissions allowed with fines on the amounts past the limit.. The trading part allows people or businesses that are under the limit to sell the difference but, by 2050, no one will be under the limit. Everyone will be paying fines. That's the only way to lower emissions.

Gore and company don't tell you this. They talk about unplugging phone chargers and switching to wind power. As this article points out, these are useless. Forget about solar and biomass, also. The only way to cut emissions is to give up oil and gas. That's going to be painful.

Will it me more painful than the predicted pain of climate change? No one is even admitting that this argument exists.

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