Thursday, February 19, 2009

"The" Cartoon

That's how it's being referred to - The Cartoon.

A chimp recently attacked someone and was shot by police. The New York Post quickly turned this into a political cartoon with the police looking at the slain chimp and saying that they will have to get someone else to write the stimulus bill. This is being taken as a horrible, racist attack on the president.

Two points:

1) The stimulus bill was written by Congress. This was one of the Republicans' big complaints - that Pelosi and company wrote a bloated spending bill disguised as a stimulus. The implication of the cartoon is that the bill was so badly written that a chimp must have done it. It makes to sense to say that the chimp represents President Obama since he was not shot.

2) For the last eight years, President Bush has been portrayed as a chimp, as Satan, and as a Nazi officer with blood dripping from his fangs. No one on the left ever complained about this. After all the cheap shots that have been taken at Bush, the left has no moral standing to complain about any depiction of Obama.

Note: There is a column about the cartoon on Huffington. One of the commenters says this:

If the cartoon is not racist " then there is no political or personal parody since there is no other connection between a rampaging chimp and the President or to the Recovery Bill " since the cartoon does make that connect, it is therefore racist and in addition suggests the RepoTalibans or the police assassinate the President if they disagree with his policies.

That is not parody or humor that is the direct encouragement to commit murder.

I don't agree with this statement for a moment but let's suppose that it is true. So what? How many plays, novels, and TV movies openly called for the assassination of President Bush? Who on the left complained? Again, the left has no moral standing to complain from.

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