Friday, May 15, 2009

Olbermann Over the Top

Keith Olbermann recently premiered a new segment entitled "WTF". The fact that these initials, when spelled out, would earn a movie an R rating shows how much class this new segment has. For his opener, Olbermann focused on Miss California, Carrie Prejean. He showed some clips and pictures of her, some in tasteful topless poses. Then he mocked her. He mocked her beliefs. He mocked her religion. He mocked her freedom of speech.

Your grandfather did not fight to protect your right to answer a question during a network television soft-porn special without consequence or fallout.

There are several disturbing things about Olbermann's rant. The first is that Prejean should never have been asked that question. It is unfair to ask politically charged questions in a beauty contest. It came up because the organizers invited a celebrity judge with an agenda - "Perez Hilton". Since gay marriage ballot initiatives have been consistently voted down, the odds were in his favor that any contestant he asked about gay marriage would say that she was against it giving him an oppertunity to spout off after the contest.

The next thing is that Prejean's answer is almost identical to what Barack Obama said at least three times on the campaign trail. That includes the reference to god. A beauty contestent is not in a position to change the law. The President is. He also had plenty of time to consider his answer while Prejean was caught unprepared. Why unload on Prejean and not on Obama?

But none of this is as troubling as the way that Olbermann unloads on Prejean. He absolutely hates her and goes to lengths to belittle her. Why? She is not an important figure. She is a beauty contest contestant and model whose shares beliefs with a president that Olbermann supports. She is even open to civil partnerships. There just isn't anything there to inspire such invective. WTF?

BTW, for the record - my daughter is in a civil partnership and I support her. I'm defending Prejean because Olbermann's attack was unjustified, not because I agree with her.

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