Friday, February 25, 2011

Obama and Events

Remember the ad that Hillary Clinton ran during the primaries three years ago, the one where the phone is ringing in the White House? It is ringing for real on Libya and other parts of the world. The Obama administration seems content to let it go to voicemail.

In Libya, a dictator is using unacceptable force to try to quell a revolt. Things like this happened during the last three administrations. The usual response was a quick United Nations resolution establishing a no-fly zone enforced by the US. Why didn't that happen days ago?


When George W. Bush made a signing statement the left acted as though the Constitution itself was in danger. Obama's announcement on support of the DOMA amounts to an after-the-fact signing statement. BTW, who remembers that this passed and was signed into law by Bill Clinton?


A couple of days ago a wrote that Obama had become irrelevant because of the protests in Wisconsin. Later it came out that the White House and the Obama campaign organization Organizing for America were major organizers in these protests. They urged the unions to protest and the Wisconsin Democratic senators to flee the state. That means that he shot himself in the foot. The order of the headlines the last several days has put Libya first and Wisconsin second with other events following.

The government is on the verge of shutting down for want of a budget compromise and no one is watching. This was supposed to the the turning point in Obama's reelection but someone has to know it is happening before it can help him.


What happened to the new civility and all of the condemnation of violent political rhetoric? The Wisconsin protesters are as vile (and white) as any protesters in recent history.

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