Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornadoes and Global Warming

The reasoning goes like this:

  • Global warming is supposed to cause bad weather events.
  • We have had a series of deadly tornadoes.
  • Global Warming must be the cause.

A recent Washington Post column used exactly this reasoning as did a recent Toles cartoon.

There is one problem with this reasoning - all of the unusual weather this year has been caused by cooling. There is a major La Nina event going on. That is a cool phase in the Pacific. Combined with an unusual jet stream pattern, this is causing an unusually cold and damp year. Last year we had an El Nino event going on. That's a Pacific warming phase and it caused an unusually warm Spring and Summer.

But the global warming alarmists don't want to know what is really influencing the weather. All they care about is pointing to anything unusual and declaring that it is proof of global warming.

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