Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Atlanta

Watch the clip from Occupy Atlanta here. There is no explanation but I think that the speakers keep pausing every few words while the crowd repeats was was said as a form of PA system. Still, it reminds me of this clip from Life of Brian.

Much of it seems like a bad parody of a leftist group. The organizer cautions people that applause is bad because it might drown someone out so they have to use jazz hands and they take a "temperature check" (not a vote) on statements that have been made. Then there is the statement that the whole point is that no one should be worth more than anyone else. I wonder if they ever watched this Monty Python Sketch? Regardless, they managed to tell a sympathetic congressman that he isn't important enough to be given any of their time (although the amount of time they spent debating it was probably longer than Congressman Lewis would have spoken). They even cheered the fact that they had proven that a Congressman is no better than any of them.

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