Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama and Birth Control

After days of controversy, President Obama announced a change in policy on mandatory insurance coverage. There is no change in what is covered but somehow it will be the insurance companies' responsibility to cover it instead of religious institutions. Presumably the insurance companies will raise everyone else's rates a bit to make up the difference. This satisfies Planned Parenthood and similar groups. No word yet on how the Catholic Church will react.

This entire controversy is typical of the Progressives. I complained yesterday about people who insist that Obama is a pragmatic centrist but this roots of this lie in the Progressive world view.

To put it simply, the Progressives believe that they are the smartest people who ever lived and the recipients of special knowledge. Because of this, they know better than the rest of us what choices we should make. Their goal is to keep expanding government power so that they can force us to do what is right. This includes such things as what car we drive, what light bulbs we use, down to what foods we eat. There can be no argument to this because they are acting in our best interests and just don't understand.

If you don't care for a massive intrusion by the government into every aspect of your life then you are not a Progressive.

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