Thursday, August 02, 2012

Various Thoughts

It isn't free speech if I don't have the right to say something that you disagree with.

I saw a post floating around Facebook asking why a fast food chain has a policy on gay marriage. They don't. Their president has expressed his personal preference.

If we are going to boycott every institution that is against gay marriage then remember that California voters were against it by a decent margin. The same is true for people patronizing institutions because of their stance on gay marriage. Regardless, somehow I can't see conservatives suddenly embracing California or liberals rejecting it.

Romney is rich and donates millions to charity. Does it really matter that he has an expensive horse? Is anyone actually going to vote against him because of this?

For the Senate Majority Leader to announce that an unnamed person told him that Romney hasn't paid any taxes for ten years is up there with, "When did you stop beating your wife?"

A new poll showed Obama suddenly gaining in three key races. This is actually good news for Romney. The poll oversampled Obama supporters so his actual support is much lower than the poll shows. Many polls try to adjust for sample bias but this one does not seem to have. In 2004 polls taken over the weekend tended to favor Bush while polls taken during weekdays favored Kerry.

New York Mayor Bloomberg is the face of the future. He knows what is best for you and is going to keep you away from temptation. Guns, trans-fats, large soft drinks, and now baby food are on his list of things that people cannot be trusted to have unlimited access to. Like speech, people need to be able to make the "wrong" choice of they aren't really free.

We pay taxes on income, property, and fuel. There are sales taxes, capitol gains taxes, state taxes, payroll taxes. Just keeping track of those taxes is a big industry. Nearly every facet of modern life is taxed somehow but President Obama and Elizabeth Warren think that those who are successful somehow got a free ride and need to "pay forward" or "give back".

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