Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Obama's Math

In an ad currently playing President Obama proposes ending the war in Afghanistan and using half of the money saved to pay down the national debt and to invest the rest in America. He made a similar proposal in his State of the Union speech.

There have been hints that the President had credit problems at one point in his life. This may be an example of how it happened.

We are not paying a trillion dollars a year on the war but the deficit is over a trillion (for the third time). We are paying for the war with borrowed money. You cannot pay down the debt with borrowed money. You can reduce the deficit but not eliminate it. Any talk of taking the "savings" and investing it is totally misleading. What he is really calling for is to keep borrowing but to use the borrowed money for something different than the war. This is a valid choice if you are honest about it. The President is not.

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