Monday, November 05, 2012

Sandy's Aftermath

A week ago Hurricane Sandy hit the New York City area causing massive destruction. Many people immediately announced that Global Warming was responsible and called for immediate action. Is this justified? Not really.

Although it was described as a "superstorm" and a "Frankenstorm", Sandy was only a category one hurricane. It joined with two other storm systems and ended up having a record size. This happens. The "Perfect Storm" is another example. It does not prove anything about climate in general.

Experts have warned for years that New York City was totally unprepared for a direct hit by a hurricane. Nothing was done. This was just as true fifty years ago as now and made the destruction much worse. So far I have not heard anyone talking about hurricane preparedness, just Global Warming. Hurricanes have always happened and they need to be planned for. Just imagine what a stronger hurricane would have done. Or will do since this is inevitable.

Two things make this seem worse - one is that it hit such a populous region. The other is that it hit in the networks' back yard. They don't have to send remote units to view the destruction. They can do this by car (if they can get gas).

President Obama's approval rating on Rasmussen ticked up for a few days last week. He had been behind by four points but for a few days he was tied with Governor Romney. That was probably a response to Obama looking presidential in response to the storm. As reports of lasting power outages and Staten Island being forgotten filter out, Obama has dropped again.

Mayor Bloomburg probably did his own political career lasting damage. Instead of planning for storms and floods, he was worrying about transfats and baby formula. He turned down Nation Guard assistance on the grounds that only NYPD should be armed. His insistence on not cancelling the marathon and his last-minute cancellation made him a top story nation-wide. I doubt that his endorsement of Obama will help the President's reelection campaign.

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