Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Senator Obama vs President Obama

The US government claims the right to assassinate US citizens living outside the country and who are members of certain groups, mainly linked with al Qaeda. The justification for this is that membership in these groups constitutes an eminent threat, even if there is no actual knowledge of any plans. Assassinations are supposed to be limited to top leaders but the criteria for deciding who is a top leader is mushy. The process where a citizen is identified and authorization given has been kept secret.

Similarly, the US claims that armed drones have only killed enemy combatants with no innocent citizen casualties at all. This is possible because of the assumption that anyone within the blast radius of the target must also be an enemy combatant.

One wonders how Senator Obama would have reacted to this under President Bush? I suspect that he would have been highly critical.

We know for certain that he was critical of raising the debt limit because of deficit spending although the Bush deficit at the time was a fraction of the deficit under Obama.

And of course, back when he was candidate for the Senate, Obama gave a speech saying that there was no Red America or Blue America. President Obama has presided over the most polarized administration in living memory.

Just pointing these things out to people who haven't been paying attention.

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