Saturday, December 23, 2017

Hillary's Worst excuse Ever

I refuse to give Hillary Clinton any of my money in order to read her bundle of lies... ahem... newest book so I'm seeing excerpts second-hand from others. Here's one on her emails.

Hillary begins with (sort of) taking responsibility:

Right off the bat, let me say again that, yes, the decision to use personal email instead of an official government account was mine and mine alone. I own that. I never meant to mislead anyone, never kept my email use a secret, and always took classified information seriously. (pf 291)

That's great but we already knew that. The big question is why did she do it? Was she trying to shield her emails from FOIA requests? Was she afraid of someone going through her emails like she had with her staffers after her 2008 loss? Was she thinking even further back to the Iran/Contra scandal of the Reagan White House which came to light because staffers didn't realize that the White House email system was backed up regularly and their attempts to delete incriminating emails were useless? No, here's what she says:

A lot of young people today are used to carrying around multiple devices and having both a personal phone and one provided by their work. But I'm not a digital native. . . I didn't send a single email while I was in the White House as First Lady or during most of my first term in the U.S. Senate. I've never used a computer at home or at work. It wasn't until about 2006 that I began sending and receiving emails on a BlackBerry phone (pg 292-293)

So she used a private server because she's too old and technically ignorant to use an official account? Seriously? The woman who claims to be the best-qualified candidate for president in history says that she couldn't grasp this modern technology? And that she spent most of her time in the Senate without ever using email?

This is a fall-back on her original excuse - that she wasn't savvy enough to use multiple devices. But that was disproven. There are photographs showing her with multiple devices. Further, she could have used her Blackberry with an official account.

For someone who never sent an email before 2006, she sure caught on fast. Remember that there were more than 60,000 emails on her server from her time as Secretary of State. More than 30,000 were personal business (or so she claims since her staff went to heroic efforts to be sure that no one recovered her emails about yoga and her daughter's wedding).

Hillary imagines students looking at their history books and wondering how someone as terrible as Donald Trump could have been elected? The answer is that people didn't trust Hillary because of her chronic inability to tell the truth.

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