Thursday, July 13, 2006

Plame Game

Valerie Plame, former CIA covert operative and wife of former ambassador Joseph Wilson is suing members of the Bush administration. Plame claims that her identity was leaked as revenge against her husband in retaliation for his criticism of Bush's Iraq policies.

I worry about the state of the union when former CIA and State Department people turn out to be really dumb. Assuming that this actually comes to trial, she is going to have to get on the witness stand and explain how she could be a covert agent when she was married to an ambassador. The two of them will have to reconcile the many public statements that Wilson made against his sword testimony before the 911 committee when it came out that he had repeatedly lied.

Wilson said that he went to Niger at the request of the Vice President's Office. He was actually sent by the CIA at his wife's suggestion. The defense attorney will grill the two of them on how Cheney could possibly defend himself without disclosing how Wilson was actually hired.

The left ignored what actually happened and continues to make him a star for no other reason than that he hurt Bush. By dragging all of this out into the open again, Plame assures that the real story will be heard again.

Or possibly she's delusional. In various interviews, her husband has described her as "Jane Bond" and talked about her cloak and dagger secret life.

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