Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Small Town 4th

We spent the weekend in Bath, Maine which is a small town. There is a military base a few miles away and the largest employer, the Bath Iron Works, makes destroyers for the Navy. All of that adds up to a fairly conservative town.
We skipped the fireworks. They had some Sunday that we did see and it was foggy so we went to Superman Returns.
We did go to the parade this morning. Before it started, a news camera went around asking people to sing the national anthem. I heard a couple of people do it. One skipped a line but sounded pretty good. The other remembered the words but wasn't quite on-key. Both were applauded anyway.
Very few people work red, white and blue. I had on a Captain America T-shirt. No one recognized what it was but three different people complimented me on it.
The parade was long - around 90 minutes. Everyone took it seriously. This is the sort of parade that the Doo Dah Parade organizers can't stand.
There were a lot of Republicans in the parade. I there were 3 or 4 floats and a bunch of candidates They threw candy and talked with spectators they knew.
After a while a small group with "Bring the troops back now" signs went by. The silence was noticeable. One Democrat had his supporters march with this group. The rest of the Democrats were further back.
The main group of Democrats was much smaller than the Republicans and I think that they only had one float. They threw candy and had a singer singing "God Bless America". This group was out-of-step with Democrat leaders, MoveOn organizers, and particularly MoveOn organizer, George Soros who  says that America is the main obstacle to a stable and just world.Then there is this idiot at Kos who is sickened that his (now former church) sang "God bless the USA" right after a soldier was accused of an awful crime.
It really makes you wonder how Kerry won this state.
Bottom line, patriotism is alive and well in small-town Maine.

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