Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hating Sarah

If you had asked the Left a week ago who Sarah Palin is, you would have gotten a lot of blank stares. They didn't know (neither did most of the Right).

Now if you ask the Left about Sarah you will get a united answer - they hate her, they think that she is the least qualified candidate for vice president in history and by nominating her, John McCain has shown himself unfit for office.

Of course, they don't really think this. Some of them might have convinced themselves that this is what they believe. Many of them have worked themselves up over it. But, deep down, they don't really know or care anything about Sarah.

What they do know is that she is an unknown. They have probably been gathering dirt on the expected VP choices and sharpening their knives if it was Lieberman. Sarah's selection left them unprepared.

That didn't stop them from coming out swinging. The original statement from the Obama campaign was that she was the former governor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience. Obama himself realized that this reflected badly on him (a former state senator with zero foreign policy experience) and issues a more gracious statement.

Over the weekend the Left has gone to extremes to try to find dirt on Sarah. They insisted that her child is really her grandchild (forcing a public announcement that Sarah's daughter is pregnant). They found a ticket that her husband got 22 years ago. They announced that the vetting process for a vice-president has to include a newspaper search and that McCain hadn't done one.

I hope that Sarah isn't taking any of this personally. The Left has devoted itself to tearing her down in an effort to bring McCain down. That is all they care about. Deep down, Sarah Palin is nothing but a possible tool to be used in securing the election of their chosen one. They don't care who they hurt in the process.

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