Monday, September 01, 2008

Is Nothing Out of Bounds?

The big story of the weekend is that Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant. This was announced in order to stop rumors that Sarah's most recent child was really her grandchild who she claimed as her own. The proof for this claim was virtually non-existent but that didn't stop people posting to the DailyKOS from calling Sarah an outright liar.

Last week
the former chair of the DNC laughed at Gustav hitting New Orleans around the time that the Republican convention begins. Here
"God is on our side."

Michael Moore thinks that Gustav proves that there is a god. Here. His reasoning is that the Republicans are at one end of the Mississippi and the hurricane is at the other end. Afterwards he realized that this was over the top, even for him, so he wrote a letter to God asking him not to hurt anyone. He assumes that God reads the Huffington Post.

The kids at KOS also celebrated when former White House spokesman Tony Snow died.

Was Tony Snow part of a Goebbels-like propaganda machine allowing a cabal of pillaging, warmongering thugs to seize War Powers of an Industrialized "Democracy" allowing said Regime to unrepentently torture, maim, and kill civilians in foreign lands while rationalizing his patrons Police-State Powers at home via the comprehensive, calculated dissembly of the Rule of Law?
Protesters at the Republican National Convention dropped sacks of cement on buses carrying Republicans.

The left has shown that nothing is beyond the pale. In fact, the thread (now deleted) about Palin's child had a survey asking if this was going too far. The overwhelming response was that this election is too important for anything to be out of bounds.

This is nothing new. Four years ago liberals tried to make a fuss about Dick Cheney's daughter being gay.

You don't see conservatives acting like this. Conservative attacks have been limited to Barack Obama and his documented record (the Obama is Muslim rumor is nasty but from the timing, it probably started with Hillary-supporters).

This raises an important question. The left thinks that they are committed to doing good. Why don't they act like it?

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