Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Obama and the Bubble

According to several news reports, President Elect Obama is having trouble adjusting to the "bubble", the press pool that accompanies him anytime he is in public. This is understandable. He is young and has never been in a position that needed round-the-clock protection. It is even more understandable when you know the reason for the press pool.

Its purpose is not to report on how many grains are in the presidential sandwich. It is really the presidential death watch.

Prior to 1981 the press only accompanied the president when he made major public appearances. Then, in the Spring of 1981, a lone gunman shot President Reagan. This was a major disaster for the press. They didn't have anyone on the scene.

It was decided that, after that, no public appearance by the President would be too small to cover. Just in case.

Ironically, that was also the last serious attempt at assassinating the president. The Secret Service took the incident as seriously as the press and tightened security a lot.

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