Monday, December 29, 2008

Who Did Condi Vote For?

There is a rumor that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice voted for Barack Obama. Just how likely is this?

Remember that Obama didn't run against John McCain. He ran against George W. Bush. McCain was dismissed as Bush's third term. Obama's complaints against Bush's foreign policy were not limited to the Iraq war. He often criticized other aspects of Bush's foreign policy including the policy of not visiting countries that we openly hostile to us. Keep in mind that, as Secretary of State, Rice influenced and implemented the policies that Obama ran against.

For Condi to vote for Obama then she would not only have to overlook what he said about foreign policy under her, she would have to support a completely different vision.

I'm sure that many Obama supporters would like this but it just isn't likely.

So why did the subject come up in the first place? She seemed happy that a black man won the presidency.

Then there is the reason that cannot be spoken - that, as a black woman, she would automatically vote for a black man regardless of his positions. This is a vile bit of racial stereotyping.

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