Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trying to Overturn Elections

Wisconsin just had a recall election for six state senators who voted in favor of anti-collective bargaining legislation. The Democrats needed to win three seats to take control of the State Senate. They won two.

Prior to that the legislation was held up for weeks by Democrats who fled the state in order to prevent a quorum.

Here in Ohio, the anti-union SB5 bill is up for referendum.

In both states the bills had major protests prior to being passed. I heard Ohio protestors complaining that the will of the people was being ignored.

None of this is part of a healthy democracy. I am especially disturbed by the movement to recall elected officials.

To be fair, the Republicans are fighting a similar fight against Obamacare. The difference there is that there are real constitutional questions involved.

President Obama was quoted telling the Republicans that elections matter back in 2009. This is a lesson that both sides should accept.

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