Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama's Evolution

Yesterday President Obama announced that his views have "evolved" to the point that he now supports gay marriage. What does this mean? Not much.

Obama was forced into this announcement after Vice-President Biden stuck his foot into the issue over the weekend. The White House tried to have it both ways - that the President was against bans on gay marriage but was not actually in favor of it. The press corps would have none of it. Coming out in favor was the quickest way to make the story go away. Granted it generated its own headlines but those will have faded by the weekend.

Despite his "evolution", most people believe that this has been Obama's position all along and that he took other positions for political reasons. Outspoken atheist, Penn Jillette, has said that he supports Obama for the same reason - that the President is secretly an atheist but lies about it for political reasons.

Even though Obama official came out in support of gay marriage, he has made it clear that he will not actually do anything to advance it. Plus, the Democrat National Convention will be held in North Carolina which just banned gay marriage by a 20% margin.

Romney continues to be against gay marriage but in favor of civil unions being passed at the state level. This was Obama's official position on Tuesday.

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