Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Obama's Victory Dance

On the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death, President Obama is doing sort of a victory dance. He and his administration (especially Vice-President Biden) are reminding people that bin Laden was killed under Obama's watch and that Obama authorized the mission that killed bin Laden.

A year ago they were proud that they did something that President Bush did not. Now they are running and ad questioning if Governor Romney would have made the same decision?

Romney's answer is quick and to the point, "Even Jimmy Carter would have made that decision."

The Obama campaign picked up on a speech that Romney gave a few years ago where he questioned the wisdom of devoting so many resources to finding bin Laden when he could be replaced as al-Qeada's leader. Romney felt that more emphasis should be spent on the organization instead of the man. This is a valid point. At the time of his execution, bin Laden was isolated and had no direct contact with the organization. As satisfying as it was, killing bin Laden was mainly symbolic.

Obama has been less than generous with the credit. He announced that he made finding bin Laden a top priority but Osama bin Laden was the country's top target going back to the Clinton administration. US Intelligence began finding clues that eventually led to bin Laden in 2004 (four years before Obama was elected).

In 2008, the most effective ad that Hillary Clinton ran was the 3 am phone call? The bin Laden ad is Obama's version. It implies that Romney would not make the right choices with no justification. Even people on the hard left thing that the ad is outrageous.

A year ago an SNL sketch showed Obama slipping references to killing bin Laden into everything he said. With few accomplishments to run on, Obama is reduced to acting out that SNL sketch for real.

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