Monday, April 20, 2009


What if George W. Bush and Barack Obama made the same decision independently? Would they be judged the same or would Bush be reviled and Obama praised?

In 2001, the Bush administration announced that it would boycott a UN conference on racism. The reason given was that the conference was nothing but a thinly-disguised attack on Israel. The left was up in arms. A month later, after 9/11, some on the left insisted that this boycott had inspired that act of terror.

Last week the Obama administration announced that it would boycott the 2009 UN conference on racism. They gave exactly the same reason. So, where is the outrage?

You don't see any here. This is part of a general cognitive disconnect on the left. They see everything that Bush did as wrong and evil while everything that Obama does is good and proper - even when they do the same things for the same reasons.

BTW, both presidents were correct in avoiding the conference. The conferences are part of a world-wide creeping antisemitism.

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