Tuesday, April 07, 2009

An Obstinate President

In January, President Obama met with House Republicans, asking for their support for his stimulus bill. They tried to explain to him that it was a bad bill that they could not support. His response - "I won the election."

Many fiscal conservatives felt that the failing economy would have the silver lining of making Obama slow his plans for transforming America. This was quickly proven wrong when Obama unveiled his budget which included plans for several expensive changes to government.

The Congressional Budget Office announced that Obama's budget was optimistic. They projected deficits so large that even Obama's budget director admitted that they would be unsustainable. When asked how this would affect his plans, Obama brushed off the question as nothing but projections based on different sets of numbers. He went on to say that he was not going to pass problems onto our children (just a huge debt).

Many European countries are further in debt than is healthy. European economists say that Obama's stimulus is like pouring gasoline on a fire. Regardless, Obama told the G20 that they needed their own global stimulus.

During the campaign Obama was roundly criticized for suggesting that he would meet with hostile foreign governments without precondition. He sent an appeal to Iran, anyway. Their response was a set of preconditions that they had before they would meet with the US. Obama made a second appeal through YouTube. Iran responded with the same set of preconditions.

In a late-March meeting, officials from the country's largest banks tried to explain why bank executives were paid so much. Obama cut them off, saying that "I'm the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks." Not mentioned was that he had been shaking a figurative pitchfork a few days prior.

In case after case, the President makes up his mind regardless of facts or practicality. If someone questions him he silences them with a curt remark.

I have suggested before that Progressives think that they are the smartest people who ever lived. How else can I explain Obama's insistence in having things his way no matter who disagrees?

President Bush was often criticized for refusing to second-guess himself but he often backed down from proposals. Obama appears to be even less introspective than Bush. He decided what course he is going to take and does not recognize obstacles. How many of Bush's critics are willing to make the same complaint about Obama?

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