Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Soon They Forget

The Huffington Post is in full attack mode over the Tea Party protests. Lincoln Mitchell is upset because the governor of Texas joked about seceding from the Union. One of the comment is unintentionally funny.

What kind of Americans openly states that they want to secede from the United States? These cowards are no more then traitors to the United States. I didn't serve in the military and shed blood for these dogs who say they represent America and want to secede because now their political party is no longer in control in Washington. Real Americans don't secede from your country. You stay by your country until you die. You instead work to build this country better. The military code of justice has the right remedy for treason. Those that want to secede are traitors and the lowest circle in Hell is reserved for traitors. This crap goes way beyond free speech. They want to secede, let them. Then have the Commander In Chief call up the US Army. We beat them once, we can surely beat them again. I'll be more then happy to shed some blood again to cut down the weeds in Texas.
The funny part is who was talking about secession just four years ago. That was when George W. Bush won reelection and the liberals wanted to join Canada. See Jesusland.

These are the same people who are calling conservatives traitors.

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