Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A few weeks ago Richard Clarke made headlines telling that just after Sept. 11, Bush took him aside and asked him to look into links with Iraq. Clarke was agast that Bush would ask this question. It was clearly Al Qaeda. Bush ordered him to look into it anyway.

From Clarke's account, it is doubtful if Clarke bothered to look into anything. He was an expert on Al Qaeda, not Iraq. He derided Condi Rice as not even knowing who Al Qaeda was prior to Bush's inaguration but one wonders if Clarke knew anything about Iraq.

I say all of this because a new book is out showing long-standing links between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

Yesterday I posted about Kerry's foreign policy proposals
. I was not the only one to notice. Mickey Klaus refers to this as a Kissinger moment.

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Anonymous said...

This site sucks.....you're just trying so desperately to cover up the truth about George "Dubya" and his record of failure. You conservatives, tried to attack Kerry by coming up with some fake "swift boat vets" and later it has been undoubtably proved that John Kerry did recieve those medals cuz he deserved it and he worked for it.