Friday, June 11, 2004

A woman frm the DNC came to my door today. She told me that they were going to turn Bush ot of the White House and elect Kerry. I told her that they would have to do it without my help and that she should go away.

She seemed shocked.

Two possibilities. Polls show that Bush and Kerry are running pretty close but every image in the media seems to be of a Bush-hater. This happened with Reagan. His numbers in polls were never as high as they were in actual elections. Possibly the same thing is happening with Bush. People will vote for him in the privacy of the voting booth but they will not say so to a Kerry supporter.

The other possibility is that the woman was given a targeted list of likely Kerry supporters and I was on it for some reason. My wife gets mass mailings from Hillary Clinton. Maybe a catalogue we bought from sold their mailing list to the DNC.

If the second one is true then the DNC is not making good use of their money. If the first one is true then the DNC is in trouble ths November.

I should mention that last week I got a photo of Bush in the mail along with a request for money. Probably the Republicans bought my name from Reason Magazine. They are doing a much better job of locating potential voters.

Back in the 1980s I had several friends who assumed that everyone shared their political views. As a result they were handing out buttons with slogans like, "Friends don't let friends vote Republican" and "Lobotomize Republicans, it's not just a good idea, it's the law."

I had forgotten just how pervasivly the culture hated Reagan. It's hard to think of a single positive portrail of him in any media during his presidency. This is true in general with presidents but it was especially true of Reagan.

Funny thing about Bush-41. I was not watching SNL at that time so I wondered why the morning DJs always did such strange impressions of G.H.W.Bush. I eventually realized that they were doing impressions of Dana Carvy doing Bush. Just as no one thinks of Patten without thinking of George C. Scott's movie, no one thought of Bush-41 without thinking of Carvey.

I think that this was when Bush lost the election. He was so disconnected from the public that their image of him was actualy a comedy bit.

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