Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Kerry is running a campaign ad that says he will reduce health care costs by reducing the overhead of paperwork. His web site is supposed to have the details. I couldn't find them.

What I did find was a proposal to give tax breaks to everyone to help pay for insurance. He also wants to let people sign on for the Congressional insurance plan.

This is all well and good, but Kerry is offering tax cuts to people near the poverty level. Funny thing, people at that income level don't pay much in taxes.

Kerry's plan for creating new jobs? More tax cuts. He will also cut the deficit in half. Where's the money going to come from for all of this? He already pledged that the tax rollbacks on the wealthiest Americans will go for homeland security.

Speaking of homeland security, this nugget is buried in his security proposal:

Expanding Americorps to Make Homeland Security a Core Mission. Since 9/11, applications to Americorps have increased by 50 percent and applications to Teach for America have tripled. Unfortunately, the Bush Administration promised to double Americorps and then stood by as Congressional Republicans cut it in half. John Kerry believes that Americorps should be doubled and its mission expanded to include homeland security. Americorps members could be trained to help in emergency medical response, community planning, and other homeland security activities.

So Americorps is going to become an EMS corp? Young people earning college tuition are going to perform community planning?

Notice that homeland security means cleaning up after the terrorists kill people. This is echoed in this point:

Enlisting the National Guard in Homeland Security. Homeland security should be a central mission of the National Guard. Guard members should be trained to serve as personnel in the event of an attack, helping evacuate or quarantine people, assisting in medical units; and helping communities set up and execute plans.

Kerry is going to stop going after terrorists overseas, he will stop threatening countries that sponsor terrorism, and he will repeal the Patriot Act.

Since he is not planning to do much to stop new terrorist activities he at least makes sure that we can pick up the pieces after we are repeatedly struck.

Thanks John.

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