Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Did her really say that? This is an entry from Kerry's rapid response team (emphasis added).

Bush Distorts Kerry’s Position. While the Bush campaign continues to distort Kerry’s position, Kerry in fact believes that now would be a dangerous time to pull troops out of nuclear-armed North Korea and further fray our alliances in Europe at a time when we need them more then ever. Bush and Cheney themselves have pointed to the need to keep our troops in the Korean Peninsula.

We have troops in North Korea?

Seriously, I've said it before, pulling troops out of Korea is a good idea. The South Koreans are protesting our continued presence. There are too few troops to do any good. The only reason that they are there is as a sacrifice - if they are killed by the North Koreans then we can justify a full-fledged counter attack. Is this what Kerry is for? Is this still an option when Korea might be able to nuke Japan or even the US?

It makes even more sense to pull troops out of Germany. They were there to stop or slow an invasion of western Europe by the USSR using East Germany as a staging ground. Since the USSR and East Germany no longer exists, what are we doing there? (Besides sending money to Germany that could be going to American businesses?)

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