Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Last night's Daily Show had Pat Buchanan as guest. Buchanan was defending Bush and Jon Stewart was defending Kerry. Part way through Buchanan asked,

"What did Kerry mean when he said that he would have voted to go to war with Iraq even if he knew then what we know now?"

Stewart answered, "If I ever have Kerry on my show I'll ask him..."

Then he remembered that Kerry had been on his show and he hadn't asked him.

I think that it suddenly sunk in. Stewart had just called the Iraq war the biggest mistake in his lifetime. Kerry seemed to have said that he was for it. And Stewart had asked him if he got a nickel for every bottle of ketchup sold. That "fake news show" label just bit him.

In the meantime, Kerry is still hiding from real news shows. He has not talked directly with the press since the first SwiftVets ad showed around August 1.

So who is winning? During the Summer, Kerry was ahead in the electoral college. That changed in the last week. Some swing states like Ohio suddenly went strongly for Bush. Bush currenlty stands at 296 votes to Kerry's 238 with Maine (4 votes) a tie. Four of Bush's states are still in the "barely Bush" category although he could lose some of these and still have the 270 needed to win.

Kerry will probably be spending a lot of effort to get back the Cheesehead vote.

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