Tuesday, July 13, 2004

At a fund-raiser last week, Whoopi Goldberg came on stage drunk, called Edwards "kid" and made a number of jokes about President Bush and HER bush. All of this was too much for Kerry. At the end of the show he corrected her. Edwards is not a kid. As for the rest of it, he said that it was "an extraordinary evening" and "every performer ... [had] conveyed to [them] the heart and soul of our country."

There are lots of ways to take this. I like this one.

It is one thing to attack President Bush based on ideas, but Kerry – being void of any – simply engages in ipse dixit. The problem with that position is it accuses, but never supports such accusations with facts – nor does it offer viable alternatives.

In fact this sums up the whole anti-Bush campaign. If you think that the war was wrong then how do you think that we should have handled Iraq? Containment was killing tens of thousands of Iraqies a year and the oil-for-food bribes were causing France and Germany to push to lift the sanctions. The only other alternative would be to lift the sanctions, welcome Sadam back into the community of nations, and hope that he didn't re-arm. (Ha, he was already trying even if he hadn't accumulated and stockpiles.)

The 9/11 Committee says that Joe Wilson is a lier. This is bad news for Kerry. It seems that Wilson endorsed Kerry last Winter and Wilson was one of Kerry's foreign policy experts. Currently, Wilson's name has been removed from Kerry's web site.

Dan Darling read the entire report and found lots of red meat.

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