Wednesday, July 07, 2004

George Bush is targeted for election defeat by bin Laden and his Saudi allies.

Here's how the reasoning works...

First, it is an established fact that bin Laden was behind several terrorist attacks on the US including Sept. 11 in which nearly 3,000 people were killed.

Bin Laden is from a wealthy Saudi family and maintains contact with them (1). The bin Ladens and the Saudi royal family have significant financial ties to influential people in the US. Many of these are through a private investment company called the Carlyle Group. They received $1.4 billion in Saudi money in the 1990s. That buys a lot of love (2).

The official religion of Saudi Arabia is Wahabism. This is a fundimentalist version of Moslem that is noted for its intolerance of non-believers. The spiritual embodiment of Wahabism was the Taliban which controlled Afghanistan and provided shelter and support to bin Laden.

Then came President George Bush. Unlike President Clinton who limited his responses to occasional missile attacks, Bush invaded Afghanistan, overthrew the Taliban, and established a fledgling democracy. Bush also overthrew Iraq which acted as a buffer state for Saudi Arabia.

So the Saudis don't have any reason to like Bush. Who do they turn to? How about their buddies in the Carlyle Group? They don't have any reason to like Bush either. Early in his tenure he dropped the Crusader artillery system that a Carlyle subsidiary was building.

Enter billionaire George Soros. Soros who is known as a humanitarian for promoting democracy is currently trying to elect a candidate who values stability over democracy (3). Quite a switch. Soros has, in fact, said that he will spend whatever it takes to put Bush out of office and has provided millions in funding for

despite his humanitarian gestures, Soros is a money man first and the Saudis represent a lot of money.

While has run a lot of ads, the biggest buzz came from yet another Carlyle benificiary, Michael Moore (4). Not only has Moore's movie gotten a lot of publicity, but had special parties to promote it.

Ok, I don't really believe this. There are more Republican investors in the Carlyle Group than Democrat and both George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush have had ties to the Carlyle Group at some point.

Never the less, I can make a strong a case tying Michael Moore to Osama bin Laden using much of the same evidence that he used to connect Bush with bin Laden. As with F911, my statements can withstand a fact-checker. If I pushed a little harder I could probably even convince myself.

(1) Michael Moore on Charlie Rose, 7/6/4
(2) Michael Moore - F911
(3) Press releases from Kerry for President
(4) Carlyle owns the Lowes chain of theaters which is the main chain showing F911

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