Friday, July 09, 2004

From John Kerry's web site:
And we’ll do a better job of holding down medical malpractice costs. No one should ever prevent patients who have been harmed from seeking justice. But we need a national system in place that will weed out the irresponsible lawsuits without taking away patient's rights. Lawsuits that have no basis in facts have no place in our courts. And when I’m President, they’ll be gone.

John Edwards made millions as a trial lawyer. Guess what he specialized in?

Kerry's TV ads say that he will save billions in health care costs by cutting overhead. The ads refer you to his web site. There is not much information there - no details. Here is what I could find:

The annual cost of health care in America is $1.6 trillion. About 25 percent is spent on non-medical items, principally paperwork such as billing and record-keeping. No other industry is so inefficient. This expensive drain on the system can be cut in half with modern technology. Kerry's program will offer a "technology bonus" as an incentive to health care providers and insurers to update their procedures and switch to electronic records.

That's it. Modern technology is the answer. Wow! Why didn't anyone think of that before?

What this will mean in real life is a whole new set of regulations that have to be followed. Everyone will need to buy new equipment in order to comply and health care costs will go up. That is how it always works.

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