Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Back from vacation for one day.

Moorewatch noticed that Michael Moore seems to be violating election law. Moore's web site has an election pledge:


Take the pledge to do the following four things:

1. I Will Register 10 People to Vote This Summer.

2. I Will Spend One Weekend In October In a Swing State.

3. I Will Adopt 5 Nonvoters I Know and Take Them to the Polls.

4. I Will Take-Off Work or School on Election Day and Volunteer to Get Out the Vote.

The important one here is #3 which reads in full:

3. I Will Adopt 5 Nonvoters I Know and Take Them to the Polls.

You know who they are. Your slacker friends who have given up on the whole rotten group of politicians who run this country. Or they're the people you know who have had their lives made full of hardships thanks to the policies set by those very politicians. They too, have given up. And who can blame them? Why should they waste two minutes on voting?

Of course, that is just what those in power want them thinking. The more of us who give up, the more the rich and powerful can run amok over our lives. And there is perhaps no election in our lifetime more important than this one.

Pick five of the people you know who probably aren't going to vote. Acknowledge their despair and cynicism. Don't try to talk them out of it. But gently give them pieces of information over the next few months.

And then make a plan for Election Day. Take them out to vote and out to lunch (you pick up the tab!). Or have a party that night for those who voted that day.

Or get more creative. Offer a six-pack to anyone in the office who votes (make sure you're not working in cubicles full of Republicans!). Promise to have sex with a nonvoter - whatever it takes!

This is a sticky point. It runs across laws against buying votes in at least some places. A few years ago the Limited was investigated for giving the afternoon off to anyone from the main office who wanted to vote. There was a ballot issue that affected a mall that Limited-founder Les Wexner has a stake in.

I think that eventually they found for the Limited because the offer was made to all employees without qualification on how they voted.

Moore is just skirting this point by telling supporters to limit their offer to places where Republicans will not hear it. Who knows how many people will miss this fine distinction and only make their offers to people voting for Kerry?

I haven't been watchng the news the last few days so I don't know how much play the yellowcake stories got. There was a little coverage Thursday and I suspect that this was the extent of it.

This is rather important. When the Democrats say that Bush lied, they get a lot more coverage.

Here is the other side.

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