Friday, July 09, 2004

John Edwards made a substantial fortune as a trial lawyer. As this article relates, he specialized in babies with cerebral palsy whom he claimed would have been spared the affliction if only the doctors had immediately performed caesarian sections.

As a result of such lawsuits, there are now more than four times as many caesarian sections as there were in 1970. But curiously, there has been no change in the rate of babies born with cerebral palsy. As the New York Times reported: "Studies indicate that in most cases, the disorder is caused by fetal brain injury long before labor begins." All those Caesareans have, however, increased the mother's risk of death, hemorrhage, infection, pulmonary embolism and Mendelson's syndrome.

This is an example of everything that is wrong in the legal profession today.

Modern medicine has gotten so good that we like to think that nothing can go wrong as long as everyone does their job properly. If something bad does happen, someone should pay.

Even if no one was to blame, I should still get something in recompense for something bad happening to me.

There are a lot of problems in pregnancy. The human body represents a series of compromises. In order to walk upright and have our large brains, we are born less developed than other mammals. Other things can happen, also. This is normal but we don't like to admit it.

Enter the trial lawyers. They will sue on questionable grounds in exchange for 1/3 of anything you get. We used to call these lawyers "ambulance chasers". The insurance companies figure this as a cost of doing business and pass the costs on to the doctors.

All too often, doctors find that insurance payments are their biggest expense, sometimes taking half of their gross earnings.

This has a ripple effect. The article I quoted from points out that C-sections are up and they carry extra risk for the mother.

One of the biggest scandals in modern medicine in the number of unneeded tests. Sometimes these are done to help the hospitals and clinics pay for the fancy new equipment, but all too often they are done to prevent any question of malpractice.

Thank the trial lawyers for that.

Remember this when you see liberals gushing about Edwards being the future of the Democrats.

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