Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A few thoughts on the Democratic convention...

Hillary promised that Kerry would solve the current health care crisis. This would be the same "crisis" that she was going to solve in 1993.

I heard a lot of talk about 9/11. I really think that the Democrats want to go back to how we were in 9/12 - victims. They don't like the fact that we picked ourselves up and fought back. They want us to be helpless victims, depending on the rest of the world for aid and security.

George Soros, the financial backer of MoveOn.org and other anti-Bush organizations, has complained about how Bush squandered the expressions of friendship that the rest of the world gave us after 9/11. I think that he mistakes the sympathy that you give to a rival who is down with any real affection. Once we had invaded Afghanistan and disprupted Al Qaida we went back to being rivals.

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