Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Nightline had Michael Moore on tonight (Tuesday). Ted Kopel asked Moore about Iraq. Moore replied that we needed to "internationalize" Iraq and bring our troops home. Kopel pointed out that Kerry has suggested sending in more troops instead of bringing them home. Moore replied, "Well, he's only a politician."

Kopel pointed out that the French might invite Kerry to dinner but they are not sending in replacement troops. Neither is Germany.

Moore replied that we need to bring our troops home, let Iraq fail, and "live with our shame." He insisted that there is no way that we can create a democracy at the point of a gun.

Funny thing, I thought that he had been to Germany - one of the countries where we created a democracy at the point of a gun. We did the same in Japan.

Moore gave the example of France having freed us from England in 1776. Somehow he missed that we freed France by force in 1945.

Reports have Kerry rewriting speeches to tone down the bush-bashing. This is the public persona being presented. The reality is shown by where Moore spent the opening night. He was seated in the Presidential box next to Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter.

As long as I am taking shots at Moore, here's one from F911. As the voiceover says that Gore actually won the election, there is a quick shot of a newspaper article with the headline "Gore wins recount" from the Bloomington Pantagraph. The thing is that this was a mocked-up paper. The real "article" was actually a letter to the editor printed under the editorial cartoon. See Moorewatch for details.

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