Monday, August 16, 2004

The ABC News story that I linked to yesterday says that Conventional Wisdom is that the race is Kerry's to lose. I'm not sure how they arrived at that. Bush has been leading in several polls, especially when Nader is added in.

Slanting the news:

With more than 4,000 scientists, including 48 Nobel Prize winners, having signed a statement opposing the Bush administration's use of scientific advice, this election year is seeing a new development in the uneasy relationship between science and politics.
Proper naming is everything. This is not an organization of "4,000 scientists", it is a lobbying organization with 4,000 members. There is no membership requirement nor is there a place on the membership form to indicate what sort of scientist you are. This is just a left-wing group that gets extra credibility because of its name.

The glut of Bush-bashing books has to be the best thing that has happened to the publishing industry since Harry Potter. There are expected to be 50 of them by election day. FrontPageMag has a rundown on them.

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