Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Swift Boat Veterans are finally getting real coverage on Nightline. Instead of dismissing them as Republican operatives and moving on, they are showing soundbites from the Swiftees. Nightline is still slanting the story for Kerry but it is no longer one-sided. They even showed part of the ad with the doctor saying that Kerry lied.

The process of denying the story is spreading it further. People who never heard anything except that a bunch of people who did not serve under Kerry are now hearing what the Swiftees have to say.

Kerry is attacking it which gives it some backhanded credibility. He is also having to spend money when he was hoping to save his own war chest, allowing the 527s to pick up the slack.

All of this will probably affect Kerry's campaign going into the general election. So far he has depended on his service record. That is now tainted and he has not come up with much else.

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