Tuesday, August 03, 2004

What's the worst thing that the press can say about a presidential campaign? Compare it to McGovern? What about Nixon?

Kerry doesn't have to choose - he has been compared to both this week. And it's only Tuesday.

First the polls showed that Kerry's post-convention bounce was the worst since McGovern.

Then an AP story
says that Kerry's Iraq plan is reminiscent of Nixon's secret plan for solving Viet Nam.

Kerry's plan is open to debate. Weeks ago he admitted that no matter how many nations were involved, most the the troops would be American. They would gain legitimacy by associating with NATO troops and would stop being a target.

That would never satisfy the red meat Deaniacs. In his acceptance speech he promised to talk foreign leaders into replacing our troops with theirs. Over the weekend he expanded on that with his secret plan.

One thing that he has not explained - who has 100,000 extra troops that could be committed to Iraq? There is a reason that we are the world's only superpower. No one else has the spare troops to handle situations like this.

No matter what he implies, the French and Germans have not promised to relieve the US troops. They just don't have the troops to do it.

Any assurances that Kerry says he has are either wishful thinking or outright fabrication.

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