Monday, August 30, 2004

More on the Kerry daughters. According to other blogs, the Bush twins were there, too but got silence instead of boos. There was cheering for the Kerry girls but you could hear the boos, also. Considering that cheers are louder than boos...

Watch is here.

CNN says it was the Bush girls who were booed. This is contradicted here.

The French have discovered that there are no non-combatants in the war on terrorism. This is a quandary for them. The headscarf rule shouldn't be worth anyone's life but if they give in then who knows what the next demand will be. This is why it was so bad for the Philippines to give in a few weeks ago. Once you let violent people know how easy it is to hold hostages then this becomes their primary weapon.

In 1999, one of G.H.W.Bush's first problems was how to deal with hostages being held in Lebanon. Bush stationed warships off the coast and announced that he would start shelling the city if the hostages were not released by noon. It worked.

In an interview this morning, President Bush admitted that we might never win the war on terrorism.
He was correct and his critics have been saying this since he first coined the term. Like the war on drugs and the war on crime, it is an open-ended conflict with no organized opponent to surrender. It was a nuanced statement, the sort of thing that Bush is supposed to be too stupid to say.

Edwards has already picked up on it, proclaiming that he and Kerry will win the war on terrorism. I guess that he doesn't do nuance.

On Nightline tonight, Ted Kopel ended up defending Bush against the Democrats. Who would have thought it?

There was an article in the Columbus Dispatch
over the weekend about how the average Egyptian hates us. (no links - you have to be a paid subscriber.)

To summarize, in the 1990s 70+% of Egyptians hated us. Now 99% of them do and it is all Bush's fault.

It is interesting reading an article like this and finding the glaring omission. It's like a hidden picture puzzle.

What we are told is that the images of Israel subjugating the Palestinians is inflammatory. They blame us for everything that Sharon and Israel does. It is all Bush's fault for allowing this.

So what is missing here? Have you spotted it? It's subtle.

Al Jazeera! In the last four years, there has been explosive growth in satellite dishes in the Arab world. They are tuning in to Al Jazeera by the millions. And Al Jazeera has a huge pro-Palestinian, anti-USA slant. Their web site currently has a special report on how Israel is about to have the USA bomb Iran's nuclear reactors in order to preserve Israel's nuclear monopoly.

Those images that they see of Palestinians? They are all being watched on Al Jazeera.

This would be true no matter who was President.

See? Just like a puzzle, once you see the hidden piece it is obvious.

In case you think that Al Jazeera is neutral, check out this feature story.

Having succeeded in getting the United States to invade and occupy Iraq, Israel is now making efforts to instigate the Bush administration to deal with the "Iranian threat".

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