Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Bashing Viet Nam veterans. A new talking point against Bush is that his operatives have defamed the records of three Viet Nam veterans in the last four years.

How about Kerry's record on this? His operatives and the press have defamed 250+ members of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth as liars.

Most recently, Rear Admiral Schachte said that he was there when Kerry won his first Purple Heart and there was no return fire. The Kerry campaign dug up that (like a majority of veterans), Schachte has donated moderate sums of money to the Bush campaign ($1,000 in 2000 and 2004). He is also associated with Blank Rome, a lobbying firm that won a $40 million contract last February. Plus, the chairman of the RNC is associated with the Blank Rome office in Washington, DC.

The connection to Blank Rome isn't as solid as Kerry's supporters make it out to be. Blank Rome's office says that he has retired although their web site still lists him as "of council".

The Kerry campaign has said, "It's amazing what a $40 million government contract can do for your memory."

So the Kerry campaign is reduced to saying that a decorated Viet Nam vet. Accepted a bribe in the form of a federal contract to lie about Kerry's record.

If that isn't enough, remember, in 1971 Kerry defamed all Viet Nam veterans by saying before Congress that atrocities were being performed on a daily basis.

Al Jazeera ran an article denouncing the kidnapping of the French journalists. It turns out that it is all the fault of the US.

However, the statement held the United States and its occupation army
"responsible for fostering an atmosphere of anarchy and chaos in Iraq" which
makes "these repugnant acts inevitable".

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