Friday, August 13, 2004

TechCentralStation has an update on Global Warming. Surprise - it doesn't exist. The apparent rise in global temperatures is attributable to urban heating.

For an example of this, look at the Columbus Airport. 75 years ago it began the first regularly scheduled commercial flights in the country. Photographs of that first time show a grass field. The airport now has several square miles of cement and blacktop including runways, taxiways, and parking lots. Pavement heats up more than grass in the sunlight. Just walk across your driveway and your yard in your bare feet on a warm day to verify this for yourself.

The official temperature readings for Columbus are taken at the airport. Near all of that hot pavement.

They also have an examination of Kerry's spending proposals written by the man who put together McCain's proposals during his 2000 campaign. It seems that Kerry would add $2.1 trillion to the deficit and that's allowing for his own rosy estimates.

Over on FrontPageMag there is an answer to the people who said that Bush lied.

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