Friday, August 20, 2004

The Daily Show for the 18th opened with an attack on the Swift Boat Veterans. I can't say that Jon Stewart made fun of them - no one laughed - but he made it clear that he was disgusted with them.

Over on Nightline, they debated Kerry's strategy of attacking Bush over the Swift Boat ads. I think that Kerry's and MoveOn's strategy will be inefective. We already know that Bush went into the Guard instead of the Navy. I don't think that new attacks over this will affect swing voters.

Besides, they were probably hoping to save the Guard vs. Navy attacks for closer to the election.

Nader probably will make it onto the Ohio ballot. He turned in more than twice as many signatures as he needed.

MooreWatch has been looking into the "seven minutes". It turns out that the Memory Hole has a copy of the seven minutes in Quicktime format. The Memory Hole is very anti-Bush. They want him to have rushed out of the building as quickly as possible. After all, terrorists in hijacked airliners might have been zeroing in on him at that moment and he was endangering the children by being close to them. There is a logical disconnect here. Unless the terrorists had a homing transmitter planted on Bush, they would not know that he had left the building. They were worried about being able to hit the White House which never moves.

Besides, until the Pentagon was hit it was assumed that there were only the two airliners. Communication between air traffic control and the Feds was all screwed up.

Anyway, it turns out that the "seven minutes" were only five minutes. Moore lied (a film editor always knows how long a clip is).

Moorewatch points out that the Secret Service were already on alert because someone had tried to see the President, claiming that a Secret Service agent who does not exist authorized it.

Given that the country was under attack, the worst thing the President could do would be to charge out of a building without waiting for the Secret Service to give an "all clear". You might not like whatching the President, waiting in a classroom until he got the ok that it was safe to leave but that is how it works.

The same thing happened when he got to Air Force One. Richard Clark told him not to come back to DC until the skies were clear.

At some point in the day, Bush must have had to use the bathroom. It is a biological fact. If Moore had footage of that he would have shown it with a snide voice-over. Moore takes things out of context and gives them a different spin.

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